Titanic Honour & Glory Exhibition 

Titanic Honour & Glory is a national touring Titanic and White Star Line exhibition, which prides itself in preserving the history of the Titanic, her sister ships Olympic and Britannic, the White Star Line and the fleet of ships that once sailed under the distinctive swallow tailed flag of the legendary White Star Line.


The exhibition contains one of the largest collection of Titanic and White Star Line artifacts in the UK which have been collected over the last twenty years. The exhibition has available for public display a diverse range of stunning and very rare artifacts from the Titanic, her sister ships and the White Star Line. In addition to original artifacts, it also has magnificent movie props and costumes from the recent 1997 James Cameron movie, Titanic.


When visiting the exhibition, you will personally come face to face with history as you discover the story of Titanic through real artifacts and personal stories. Experience Olympic and the grandeur of the gilded age of transatlantic travel as you view awe inspiring examples of her luxurious interior fittings. Discover Britannic, the forgotten sister of Olympic and Titanic, witness the elegance that once was and view stunning objects recovered from her wreck.